Welcome to Fritz Speed’s documentation!

What it does

A small suite of Python scripts to graph the incoming and outgoing transfer speeds from a Fritz!Box. It can be run on a small embedded device such as a RaspberryPi. It uses the RRDtool bindings for python to output the graphs suitable for embedding into a website.

The scripts can be run without superuser privileges as a normal user, he only has to have the right file permissions to read and write to the round robin archive and to write the images.

How It Works

The Fritz!Box does not provide a standard SNMP interface common to most routers. Instead it relies on the TR-064 standard.

The script monitor-traffic.py uses this interface to retrieve the counters for uploaded and downloaded bytes from the router and stores them in a round robin archive based on RRDtool. A second script graph-traffic.py reads this archive and generates graphs of the traffic for configured intervals of time.


The product Fritz! and Fritz!Box is a trademark of the AVM GmbH, Berlin, Germany.